1.- Can we participate if we are students of Architecture who speak different from Spanish?

A= Yes, you can participate as long as the delivery of the sheets is in Spanish.

2.- If I don't have a credit card, can I make the payment through Western Union?

A=For cash payments you can use Mercado Pago, if your country does not have this platform, it can be done through Western Union, write to registro@concursosag360.com to give you the money transfer data.

3.- Should the parking lot of each unit be in the same area of the lodging unit, if so, should there be a new common road that leads from the existing car bay to the parking lot of each lodging unit?

A=The parking of each unit must be outside the 45m2 arranged for habitability. Each participant decides whether to make a parking lot next to the hosting unit or a community one.

4.- Will there be an administration area and a garbage room for maintenance of the complex?

A=The administration will be outside the set, it will not be projected. The garbage service will be through mobile carts from entry to exit.

5.- Is vehicular access through the existing public parking lot?

A=That's right, it will connect with a projected path to the Site Plan.

6.- When designing the prototype on 2 floors, the total area of the first and second floors is within 45m2?

A=The prototype can be 1 or 2 floors, in both cases the sum of the two floors should not exceed 45m2 of built area.