Architecture Competition

All Architects and Architecture Students of Latin America and Europe are invited.
About us?

Concursos AG360, company organizing Architectural Ideas Contests, is pleased to welcome all architects and architecture students of the world to the International Architecture Competition “HOTEL ZEN LIGHTHOUSE 2019”, to be carried out from the month of June of the year 2019 and until the month of September of the same. We invite you to consult the complete RULES.


International Ideas Competition to encourage the preservation of natural resources.



1° Price

°  Vicente Salas Arreola
°  Israel Álvarez Flores

Santiago de Chile

2° Price

°  Bruno Sileoni
°  Jesica Grötter
°  Catriel Yavé Del Valle
°  Franco José Ferrari
°  Lautaro Giuggia Monteverde

Córdoba, Argentina

First Mention

°  Alan U. Hernández Hansen
°  Raúl Gómez Iturribarria
°  Emilio E. Padilla Villanueva

Ciudad de México

Second Mention

°  Mariana Santamaria Lemus
°  Emilia Alatorre Seidel
°  Mariana Neri Bravo
°  Korzekwa Malgorzata

Ciudad de México

Third Mention

°  Gabriel Yamamoto

Encarnación, Paraguay




02th june 2019 | Call to announcement
10th june 2019| Start of inscriptions
10th july 2019 | Completion of the first stage of inscriptions

02th august 2019 | Ad members of the Jury

11th august 2019 | End of consultation period
12th august 2019 | Completion of the second stage of inscriptions

13th september 2019 | End of registration period
25th september 2019 | Deadline for submission of proposals
07th october 2019 | Judgment of the jury
11th october 2019 | Dissemination of results
15th october 2019 | Awards





Hayri Atak Architectural – Turkey
Interior architect born in Turkey. He studied at ITU in Istanbul, with a Master’s Degree in Design and Technology of Facades. He expanded his studies in the U.S. and Italy. His main experience is in Hotel Interior Design. He has been multi awarded in Design, during his academic and professional life.


Architect and building engineer at ETH Zurich
Architect and Building Engineer born in Italy. He currently teaches his knowledge as a researcher and professor at ETH Zurich. He has a Post Doctorate in Sustainable Building. His work has been developed in much of Europe and Africa. Founder of Bloc Consultants.


CallisonRTKL – Senior Associate
Graduated as an Architect at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. His main experience is in high-end hotel projects. Although his strong point is his passion for holistic design, which allows him to understand all the facets of a project to achieve the most innovative solution.


Arquitecto y Artista Escultor
Mexican architect, designer and sculptor. Graduated with Honorable Mention from the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM. I have a prolific career in the fields of architecture and design. He has collaborated as a Branding specialist with different companies around the world on 4 continents.


Parther – Knitknot Architecture
Gonzalo J. López is an architect, educator and academic researcher, co-founder of Knitknot Architecture. He has a PhD in the Department of Urban Planning and Design of ETSAM in Madrid. He has been awarded numerous times in countries like Norway, E.U. and Spain, among others.


Arquitecto Catedrático del ITD
Graduated from the Technological Institute of Durango with a Master’s degree in Architecture from UNAM. He currently teaches his knowledge at the Tecnológico Nacional de México (Durango). COVA Partner: Architecture Workshop focused on the development of urban social projects and development of architectural ideas.


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